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Week 6 challenges!

Here they are... These time I'm making the challenge bi-weekly so we can have more entries...

Regular Challenge:

Image hosted by

CAP 1, CAP 2 and CAP 3 by callmefreak

Theme Challenge:
LIAM AIKEN! You can enter any icon with any pic of Mr. Aiken. You can find pics at liamaiken_daily or at Liam Aiken Online.

[x]the entries must be posted as a comment to this entry
[x]you can enter one icon per challenge
[x]for the regular challenge: you can blend the pics, but do not use any other than the ones provided
[x]make sure to read the RULES

Submission deadline!!! September 16th at 8pm Brasilia Time (cause I live in Brazil)... You can find your location time HERE

Hope you guys have fun! ~.^

HEY! Please vote for the last challenge HERE
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Hey, I was wondering if you were still running this place? =) I'd be up for taking it off your hands if not ^_^
I'm so sorry for not answering you before..... I got caught up in real life....

Anyway, about the community, yes I'm still running it, but people just lost interest in it.....
If you're still interested in participating I wouldn't mind sharing the comm with you, like a co-mod..... This journal means a lot to me so I'm not giving it up yet....

Angain, sorry for taking so long to answer....