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Still alive!!! And needing help...

Again, sorry for the lateness... My computer broke, and I just got it fixed...

Here are the winners, we had a tie, so no Mod's Choice this time....

Image hosted by onee_omi >>> BANNER


Image hosted by ___allislove >>> BANNER

So, my problem is this, the community isn't getting enough entries to each challenge. So, I think we need to change that, so tell me which choice you guys like it better, and I'll start posting the new challenges...

1. Make the challenges bi-weekly instead of weekly.
2. Allow the members to enter two icons. I'll provide two pics or a pic and a theme for each week. (suggested by ___allislove

Tell me what you think and if you have any other suggestion let me know.... Thanx... ~.^
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Number 2 sounds better; but what about if the members are allowed to, say, enter an icon and a banner? That would be pretty interesting.
If I had to choose just one, I'd pick option number two: 2 icons with a theme! :D

Other suggestions:
1. Could try out both. Allow 2 icons for a bi-weekly challenge.
2. How about having 2 challenges at a time. Maybe something like one theme challenge and one lyric challenge. I dunno... just something with more options. :)
3. Not sure if you intended this to be just movie Snikets, but you could mix it up once in a while with book art challenges. Just an idea. :)
4. If you don't change anything, that's cool too. I'd just have one request. More pictures provided for the challenges.
5. I dunno. I just liked having a number 5. ;) :P :D

PS. I also like gobstones idea. Oh! Maybe have a banner challenge (once in a while)... maybe a banner challenge for if/when you update the community skins/backgrounds/layout. That would be cool.
I think entering two icons and having some themes would be a great idea :D
I think two icons would be great. I like the banner idea, too. Then we could promote the community using the winning banner. =D
I agree with everyone else :)
thanks for the banner! umm i'm saying number 2.